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About Kris

Kris Gibbs has been doing readings at the Celebration Metaphysical Fairs since 1992 in both Denver and Colorado Springs.  She travels throughout the US at various metaphysical events. Events will assume after COVID is over.  Contact Kris to schedule a private session.​

Watch this YouTube video with Kris Gibbs and Susan Keiffer as they join together in this unique talk about Current Earth Activity and What it all means for US!

Visions and Dreams from the Angels - Kriss Gibbs
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This is a blog radio interview with Szuson Wong.  Listen in to hear Kris speak about the Angels.

Click on the button above to listen in to Kris Gibbs as she is a guest on Dave the Mystic's blog talk radio station.


Join in and listen Kris Gibbs and Arlene Arnold on The Power of Color Radio 

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